Social Bookmarking: Diigo

Our previous blog post on Social Bookmarking (a way of saving, organising and sharing your favourite websites to access them wherever you are) showcased Delicious. There is another Social Bookmarking site with additional features you may find useful...

Diigo is proving to be a worthy contender in the Social Bookmarking arena. It has all the functionality of Delicious (tagging, organising, sharing websites) with added extras:

* Highlighting: Diigo has a highlighting tool, you can highlight parts of websites, so when you revisit them you can see at a glance what it was you were interested in

* Sticky notes: you can add sticky notes with your thoughts on the subject to a webpage, other Diigo users can add to this, creating a conversation

* Annotated links: you can send an annotated page to those not on Diigo, complete with highlighting and sticky notes

* Sharing links: you can add bookmarks to your blog, Facebook or Twitter easily

* Archive: with Diigo you can archive snapshots of webpages and whole webpages

* Free: best of all, you get all this for free!

We couldn't list everything Diigo does here, but watch the tour on the Diigo website and be impressed, we were!

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You can import del.icio.us bookmarks into Diigo and (I believe) you still keep them in your del.icio.us account. Then go into Diigo, in the screen I showed above, and link your Diigo to your del.icio.us. The result? Save in Diigo, and you automatically, effortlessly also save in del.icio.us. Nothing more required