RSS feeds & Feed scrapers

Happy New Year!

If you are enjoying using RSS feeds but are finding some websites you would like a feed for don't have any available, there is a solution for you - Feed scrapers!

Feed scrapers take the web address of a webpage without an RSS feed and will create a feed for you. This can then be collected by your feed reader, just copy and paste the shortcut into your feed reader as normal (see RSS feeds for more on feed readers).

There are a few feed scrapers around, you could try:

* Feedfire.com (you will need to register, this is free)

* Diffbot.com (no need to register, but this is in beta/testing)

Alternatively, you could use a page monitoring service such as:

* Watch that page.com

Email us with your questions & let us know how you get on with these.

With thanks to Patrick Maitland-Cullen & Jenny Harbour, NHS Scotland for these tips (Library & Information Update, September 2009).

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