Books to help you through the first term!

We have selected some books for you to welcome you to AECC, if it is your first term, or to welcome you back if you are returning after the vacation ~

First - for all new students:

1. 'How to be a student: 100 great ideas and practical habits for students everywhere', Sarah Moore & Maura Murphy, OUP, 2005

2. 'Understanding university: a guide to another planet', Christine Sinclair, OUP, 2006

3. 'Write great essays!: a guide to reading and essay writing for undergraduates and taught postgraduates', Peter Levin, OUP, 2004

4.'Writing at university: a guide for students' 2nd ed., Phyllis Creme & Mary R. Lea, OUP, 2003

may be of interest to staff:

5. 'How to get a PhD: a handbook for students and their supervisors' 4th ed., Estelle M. Phillips and Derek S. Pugh. , OUP, 2005

6. 'Writing for academic journals 1.', Rowena Murray, OUP, 2004

one specially for our distance learners:

7. 'Studying at a distance: a guide for students', Christine J. Talbot, OUP, 2003

and if you are thinking about writing your own blog, this will help you get started (it helped us!):

8. 'Blogging for dummies' 2nd ed., Susannah Gardner, Shane Birley, Brad Hill, For Dummies Series, 2008

All of the above are available as Electronic books via our Intranet (see Dawson E-books, if you are off campus you will need to login first) and all but 7- 8 are held in the Library.

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